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A hoj, looking for adventure?

we are still looking fors ome Polish youngsters who like to join the Tall Ships Races this year. Or maybe you can contact us some youth-organisations we can contact. Down under some more information about several international exchanges:

  • Tall Ships’ Races 2009
  • Gdynia, Poland – St. Petersburg, Russia – Turku, Finland – Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • 2nd of July – 2nd of August
Looking for adventure?
Meeting people from all over the world?
Sailing Tall Ships for real!
A great way to spend your summer holiday!
Wanna join the Tall Ships’ Races?

Join At Sea sail Training for an experience of a life time… Sign up now via and make it a summer you’ll never forget!

The legend has it that Flying Dutchman was doomed to sail the oceans for an eternity. Luckily this was the other Flying Dutchman, but be aware; you might get hooked to the salt water, a ‘disease’ all true sailors suffer from. Then you just don’t want to leave ever again… You can join the Flying Dutchman for both the 1st and 2nd leg of the races.

The old lady, the Gallant, has a rich history. Many tough sailors worked with her rigging and this year you can get to do the same. Do you want to experience the thrill and excitement of participating in the Tall Ships’ Races? Step aboard the Gallant and you will feel it in every cell in your body. Join her for the 2nd race.

Want to join a square- rigger? the Astrid is a small square-rigger, which makes her ideal to teach you all there is to know about sailing a Tall Ship. You will have plenty of hands-on action. Climb the rigging and get a better view of the fleet as Astrid takes the lead and races for the finish line. Join the Astrid for the 1st leg of the race.

Join the legendary Christian Radich on a journey of a lifetime. She is an older lady, but history has proven her to be the fastest ship of the fleet! She is a winner! Join the winning team aboard the Christian Radich for the 2nd leg of the Race.

When joining the Jacob Meindert you will experience a very unique way of sailing, she is fast, very fast! Her crew is eager to make sure you are all part of the team. So if you are looking for some real action, join the Jacob Meindert for the 2nd leg of the race.

You can join this special EU funded exchange aboard the Morgenster if you are either from Finland, Greece, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, France or the Czech Republic. A great way to meet new people from all different parts of Europe. Join the Morgenster for this unique exchange during the 2nd leg of the Race.

You can join the Thalassa for a special funded voyage, if you are either from Finland, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, The Netherlands, Norway or Great Britain. An unique way to meet new friends from different parts of Europe, whilst participating in the Tall Ships’ Races. Join the Thalassa for the 1st leg of the Race.

Met vriendelijke groet/Kind regards,

Janine Scheele janine[@]

At Sea Sail Training
Groen van Prinstererstraat 40-3
1051 EN Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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